Success means hearing your brand. Listen to the origin story of McDonald’s most famous sonic branding move with legendary ad man Keith Reinhard.

In the last week, our Success Made to Last team booked several musical guests for upcoming shows that promise to be informative and entertaining. Look forward to hearing country western star T.G. Sheppard and Apple’s own sonic logo pioneer Jim Reekes both on

Why are studying sonic branding? In celebration of 40 years in branding, it has become abundantly clear that brand managers and ad agencies have not bought into Steve Job’s vision at Apple to be remembered with sound or Keith Reinhard’s famous McDonald jingle- You Deserve a Break Today.

You can listen to Keith’s origin story on the McDonald’s campaign in an interview we did last year.

Keith riffs about the power of listening and how that translates into networking in 2021.

When you consider that brands with sound are remembered 96% more than without, why in the world do only 2 out of 10 brands have sonic identity? Want to fix that issue? Visit and talk to Dan Carruthers, company founder.

About Jim Reekes, this is the mad scientist and radical that created the mnemonics heard when you open your Apple device whether it’s your MacBook Air, Air Pods or iPhone. He and Steve Jobs obviously thought carefully about the sound of their brand and long term loyalty. Jim’s interview will be posted on and be heard wherever podcasts are distributed. (most certainly on your iPhone)

About T.G. Sheppard. T.G.’s song from 1981, “I Loved Them Everyone,” is a catchy tune that makes more sense to me the older I get. We rarely look at the body of our work/life, especially with humor or whimsy.

Big, little or short or tall, wish I could’ve kept them all

I loved ’em every one

Like to thank ’em for their charms, holdin’ me in their arms

And I hope they had some fun

In this week’s favorite podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire’s podcast host, John Lee Dumas, talks about Uncommon Success. He actually acknowledges the lack of sonic branding on this show.

Most importantly, we honored John’s service to our country as a U.S. Army Tank Commander and his battle with PTSD. Never forget the sacrifices of our armed forces. Listen carefully to the courage of John and the pain of losing 25% of his tank company.

Quote that I’m Studying: Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable. David Augsburger

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